Case Studies Child Benefit HM Revenue & Customs

I lead the discovery phase of the Child benefit service. I mentored a junior User Researcher, guiding them and carrying out much of the user research. We visited users at home and used insight generated from these visits to identify user needs.

A screenshot of the proposed Child Benefit start page
A screenshot of the proposed Child Benefit start page.

Service mapping

Drawing on our research, I created an as-is service map to help stakeholders understand the service and where users encounter frustration. We used this service map as a tool during co-design workshops with subject matter experts and stakeholders, to define solutions to the needs of their users and prioritised based on value to users and the business and complexity.

A photo of the service map made using post-it notes and a whiteboard The service map we used to communicate users frustration.


Taking account of the prioritisation, I worked in collaboration with a Content Designer and Developer to sketch and prototype the journey. Using this approach and relying heavily on existing components from the Design System, we were able to build a prototype in under a week.

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