Colophon Gavin Wye
April 2020

Yea, I know colophons are a bit eye-rolley, but anyway.

Built by hand using Atom on a MacBook Pro in HTML5 using Harry Roberts The real HTML5 boilerplate and CSS initially generated by Gridlover which I used to set the vertical rhythm. I also use Eric Myers Reset CSS to provide some sensible defaults.

Typeset in Barlow and Barlow Semi Condensed which are both produced by Jeremy Tribby and served from Google fonts.

11ty generates static HTML which is served from GitHub pages Netlify with DNS by Cloudflare. The code is hosted in GitHub.

I chose each of these things because they were the simplest things I could find. After talking to Adam Silver who reminded me that the internet hasn't really changed in the last 20 years and all the things we've done to make things better have really just confused things.

I've focused on publishing something over obsessing on the details. That means that the code may be rubbish in places, I'll try and refactor it when I have time. I should also mention my spelling. I'm dyslexic, that makes spelling and constructing sentences that are easy to read challenging. I find it hard to see mistakes at the time of writing.

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